This sculptures will make you run out of breath

The sculpture is part of the history of art. In every age it has had representations, reasons and different methods according to the culture of the time.

When I studied history of art at the Institute I was fascinated of this kind of art and patience and technique that every artist employed.

For this reason, today I want to show you some of my favorite sculptures of all history!

Apollo and Daphne – Bernini

Creation: 1622-1625

Style: Baroque

Location: Galleria Borghese, Rome, Italy

Material: marble

Undertone: Mythology

Martyrdom of St Sebastian – Giuseppe Giorgetti

Creation: 1671-72

Style: Baroque

Location: Basilica di San Sebastiano fuori le mura

Material: marble

Undertone: Martyrology

Rape of the Sabine women – Giambologna

Creation: 1553

Style: Renaissance/Mannerist

Location: Loggia dei Lanzi, Florence

Material: marble

Undertone: Mythology

Perseus triumphant – Antonio Canova

Creation: 1800-1801

Style: Neoclassicism

Location: Museum Pío Clementino

Material: marble

Undertone: Mythology

Tombe of the Famiglia Ribaudo – Onorato Toso

Creation: 1910

Style: ?

Material: marble

Location: Cimintero di Staglieno, Genève, Italia

Undertone: in memory of the Famiglia Ribaudo

Psyche Revived by Cupid’s kiss – Antonio Canova

Creation: 1777

Style: Neoclassical

Material: marble

Location: Musée du Louvre, Paris

Undertone: Mythology

The Kiss of Dead – Joan Fontbernat, Artemi Barba

Creation: 1930

Style: Cotemporary Age

Material: marble

Location: Poblenou Cementery, Barcelona, Spain

Undertone:  “Rather than depicting death as a winged angel the sculptor instead chose a skeleton. The eroticism of the kiss is hard to escape – the sculpture shows youth welcoming death as a partner. The sculpture is at once romantic and horrifying, which leads to the varying views of the people that view it. It attracts and repels at once, the urge to touch combines with the desire to flee.”

Laocoön and His Sons Athenodoros of RhodesPolydorus of RhodesAgesandro de Rodas

Creation: 1506 (?)

Style: Hellenistic

Material: marble

Location: Museum Pio Clementine

Undertone: Mythology

This are just some of the sculptures I like the most but I like a lot and I can’t show you everyone 😦

But don’t worry, I’ll do more post about sulptures if you like 🙂


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