10 peculiarly bags people secretly want

This bags can seem unfashionable but I want them all and I’m sure you too.

1.- Stars Wars backpack

For every Star Wars fan!

stars wars backpack

From: Amazon.com

2.- This daffel bag

It’s perfect for gym.

bunch backpack

From: Nastygal.com

3.- Red velvet backpack

It’s a cute color and is velvet I want it 😦

red velvet backpack.jpg

From: shop.nylon.com

4.- Notebook tote

You can DIY!

notebook tote.jpg

From: sayyes.com

5.- “Ok” sign backpack

Okay I need this one.

ok sign packpack.jpg

From: etsy.com

6.- Candy from purse

How cute!

candy bag.jpg

From: lolibrary.org

7.- Peachy crossbody bag

This is lovely.

peachy crossbody bag.jpg

From: nastygal.com

8.- Daria backpack

Daria’s fans? 😉

daria backpack.JPG

From: karmaloop.com

9.- Flur backpack

I would be caressing this one all the time.

flur bakcpack.jpeg

From: shop.nylon.com

10.- Pineapple backpack

For a fruit fresh person 🙂

pineapple backpack.png

From: jansport.com

Which one do you like the most? 🙂



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