20 little things you can collect

little things you can collect

I’m not very into collections but there are a lot of cute things I’d want to have in large quantities!

This are some ideas if you want to start a collection 🙂

1.- Patches

I really love patches


2.- Postcards

It’s a common an simple collection but always cool.


3.- Stamps



4.- Vintage boxes

It’s a super cool idea and don’t tell me they are not beautiful.

vintage boxes.jpg

5.- Old books

Okay books are not very small but it doesn’t matter because BOOKS.

old books

6.- Key chains

I only going to say that I have three keys and a lot of key chains so you can realize how I like them.


7.- Dry flowers

Flowers are cute and there are lots of ways you can collect them: in books, glass cabinets…

dry flowers

8.- Stones/minerals

The more colorful, the better.

stones minerals.jpg

9.- Seashells

They are nice and it’s a good way to be entertained when you go to the beach 🙂


10.- Sand

Sand of parks, fields, beaches, wherever! You can name and keep them in bottles like the photo.

sand collection

11.- Bookmarks

I need bookmarks all the time and this ones are so cute 😦


12.- Pins

I cannot want this cuties.


13.- Dice

I didn’t know this idea and I recognize that I like it!


14.- Buttons

Of course.


15.- Keys

I personally think that this is a difficult collection because they are so difficult to find but if you like challenges… 😉

16.- Magnets

My grandmother has a huge collection of magnets she had bought from all the places she has gone and it’s absolutely wonderful!


17.- Stickers

I remember that when I was a kid I collected every sticker I saw and I put them in an album and I think it’s a cute idea 🙂


18.- Tiny bottles

Look. At. This.

tiny bottles

19.- Crystals

Okay they are practically like minerals but it doesn’t matter.


20.- Rubber balls

I had them when I was a child and I loved them!

rubber balls

If you collect something or you have intention of starting one, tell me! 🙂



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