7 steps to really enjoy a relaxing bath

relaxing bath

How many times have you wish take a bath after a long and stressful day?

Here are the best tips to follow to make your bath an amazing one!

1.- Make sure you bathroom and mainly your bath place is totally clean. Believe me, this point is very important. HERE you have a great cleaning hack for your bathtub 🙂

2.- While filling the bathtub (with quite warm water), add some scented bath oils; I recommend you use lavender, jasmine or iris floral scented, seeing as they are related with relaxation and will help you to get relaxed. If you want you can use a bath bomb. They are awesome and it fills the water with color! I love them

Here you can find some  lushusa.com

Advise: if you had a tough workout or simply a pain, use bath salts; they’ll help you reduce inflammation and increase circulation, which helps to ease tension and revitalize the body.

3.- Take a soft towel and place it on the side of the bathtub where you go to rest your head.

4.- Light. This fact is important because depending on how many light is in your bathroom your brain will be prepared for one thing or another so use candles. Their light is gentle and they don’t spend energy 😉

5.- Another thing to consider is the music. I usually listen to Enya; her voice is very relaxing and beautiful, but you can choose some other kind of music like nature noises music, classic music or meditation music.

HERE you have a good YouTube playlist!

6.- Prepare the bath robe and the clothes (pyjamas or comfy clothing) for after the bath; you’ll be glad you did it 😉

7.- When everything it’s done, go inside slowly as you familiarize your body with the water temperature and then, close your eyes!

Advise: be careful and don’t fall asleep!

Hope you like it! 🙂



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