Tattoos I want-like

Since I remember, I’ve always wanted to get a tattoo, but I’ve never had the opportunity (aka my mother has not let me).

But I have good news: I will be able to get my first tatto soon!

These are the tattoos I want (for the moment 😉 )

  • “WE ARE NOT OUR FAILURES” quotation

This sentence is from the song “The castle builders”, from La Dispute. It means that mistakes don’t define us, that we are more that what people say about us, that we are not defined by our breakdowns.

I love it since the first time I saw it (3 years ago) when I was in a very hard time with myself and this remind me that I am better than I think.


  • Monarch butterfly

This one is because the Monarch Butterfly is one of the symbols of Paramore since they released “Brand New Eyes” and Paramore is my favorite music band, I love them so much and I love Hayley Williams more than anything.

monarca butterfly

  • Semicolon

I want this tattoo because of the meaning. For me, it indicates that I’m still here, living, that I could have decided about being alive or not (maybe I talk about this because it’s related with depression) and I didn’t; and it means that I am a brave for wanting to live.

Probably you have heard about it, but if you didn’t, here it’s explained well: click here


  • Panda

I absolutely love pandas and the style of this geometric tattoo. I think it’s one of the most cute and beautiful animal in the world!

panda tattoo

  • Minimalism cat

People call me the “crazy cat’s girl” because I am a bit obsess but for me cats are so important because I have four cats since I’m 7 years and I realize that they are awesome creatures. I adore them.


I don’t know the place of my body for this tattoos yet, but these are good ideas.

If you want you can check my tattoo’s pinterest board 🙂


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