Struggles of having glasses

girl with glasses pic

People who have glasses and wear them all day will understand this post.

  • When you lie down to watch TV or read

Sometimes it even hurts 😦

  • When it rains

You wish you had a windscreen wiper.

  • When you dress up for Halloween, Carnival or just a facy-dress party

Maybe you want to be a vampire, a pirate or a zombie and you obviously have to wear your glasses because you wouldn’t see a thing without them. Well, maybe it might not seem  all the real you would like…

  • You have to re-adjust your glasses because they fall
  • If you forget them you don’t see a thing
  • 3D movies are the worst

Like. Please. No.

  • Roller coasters

You can not deny that you have to take maximum care in these situations. And water attractions no longer tell you.

  • The fog when you drink hot drinks or a big temperature change

Everything it’s blurred.

  • Having to clean them all the time
  • When you go to the beach or pool


  • Photos and flashes

Hi I don’t have eyes!



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