How to prepare the perfect picnic

the perfect picnic

Here it goes some tips you need to know to fully enjoy a picnic!

Choose the place

First thing first, you have to select an appropriate area to do the picnic (fields, parks, lakes, shores, mountains, beaches…) It’s preferably if it’s with a picnic area or a filled out place, but you always have the option of the towel.

Advice: check if the place has a shade point 😉

Choose the food

The best food for a picnic is the simple and easy one (sandwiches, cookies, a salad, pasty, fresh fruits, crisps, etc.) If you feel inspired you can do fried chicken or pasta, it’s easy too, but remember you have to carry it!

And of course, don’t forget drinks (water, juices), what you like the most J

Advice: Don’t take what you don’t really need; you’ll be grateful for it.

Things you can’t forget

-An ice-box (to maintain drinks fresh)

– A hat/cap, solar cream and a parasol (to prevent unnecessary burns)

-The mosquito repellent

-Little first-aid kit (this is almost essential if you have kids)

Plastic cups, plates and cutlery (if it’s needed)

Tablecloth or towel

Napkins or washcloths (very useful, believe me)

-A knife (if you take bread or cheese)


After eating, as usual, we feel like playing or do something enjoyable, that’s why is important to take some playing cards, a ball, beach paddles and music!

Advise: if you decide play some music guarantee you don’t bother other people.


Remember that you are going to be in a natural area so it’s better for you to wear comfortable clothes. You can be chic and comfortable as well!

The end

When you finish your spectacular meal, don’t forget use bin liners for trash and keep everything like it was before you arrive. We are all the Earth 🙂


Download this check list to be better organized!


Hope you like it!



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