My “TO DO” list

I want to show you the first “TO DO” list I’ve made.
This comes because I’ve seen so many lists like this and I’m always thinking about what I’d like to do when I can (if it’s soon, better), so I’ve decided to write everything that came to my mind.
Here it goes:​
Do some extreme sport
I really need to experience the adrenalin of this kind of sports
Do something I’m scared of
This is something I’m very interested in because I think it’s good. Doing something you are scared of like talk again with that person or just take a snake in your arms (I did it and I liked) it’s something that will help you overcome your fears, and that’s why I want to do it.
Go on vacation just with my sister
Again. I went to Germany with my sister when I just turned 18 and she was 16 and it was one of the most incredible things we ever made. Maybe it was because it was our first time traveling alone to another city or maybe because we felt free or maybe it’s a mix but I totally recommend it.
Learn to play a new instrument
As a real music passionate I am, I obviously want to learn playing every instrument coming to my hands.
Learn to play poker
Okay this is a thing I’m trying just for curiosity because everyone I know knows how to pay and I feel a bit stupid when I say “no, I don’t know how to play shut up” so yes, I’ll learn.
Start a collection
Starting a collection it’s funny. It can be whatever you want, for example: beer bottles. Yes, my boyfriend has a collection of this and it’s really cool!
Start a project
With “project” I mean I want to do something important, relevant, significant not just for my, but the society. I don’t know how to explain but it’s like doing an essay or a great article that everyone could read and be inspired for.
Renovate clothes and style
I always want to do this but I never can because there are so many clothes and shoes and things I want and money don’t grow in trees so…
Do some social experiment
I don’t know if you’ve watched this kind of experiments in YouTube or another website but it’s very interesting how the human being act in a situation that it’s not normal for them or on the contrary, when for them it’s so common that it just overlook or pass over and it’s frustrating.
Spa day
I’ve never have a day like this and I want it so bad.
Learn to drive
I’ve been waiting all my life to have the limit age to drive and now I have it I’m craving for this.
Adopt two dogs
I love dogs. And when I say love it’s LOVE. I can’t see a dog alone in the street and not help it, and I see them on dog pounds and all I want it’s give them love because they are sad and that’s not fair.
Ride a horse
I remember that I ride a pony when I was 5 and that’s the nearest I’ve been from a horse, lol
Paint naked
Yes. I want to paint a big canvas being naked outdoors. It has to be satisfying.
Learn something about “the psychology of color”
This is one of my projects. I told you when I learn something about this.
Get my first tattoo
I’ve always like tattoos and, although I think it’s an extremely thing I have to think about a lot, I am sure what I want printed on my skin.
Get a septum piercing
This is just a whim, I recognize it.
Have the psychology career
I’m impatience about this!
Learn Germany, French and Italian
Apart for improve my English of course, these three languages are my favorites and it would be cool if I could speak them as a professional.
Climb a tree
Yes. Like a monkey or a panda.

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