28 things you can do when you feel sad

when you feel sad
Sometimes we feel sad or just down and without energy to do anything. In that times is when you need to improve your happines and let aside the sadness for a while.
I want to give you some ideas to feel better with yourself!

1# Get a fluffy giant toy and hug it a lot!
I think it’s one of the best feelings ever.
I’ve got two and they are so cute I love them.
Here you can find few
2# Get a relaxing bath with a bath bomb and candles and that things
I’ll add a link to a “how to prepare a perfect relaxing bath” soon
3# Books, all kind, even comics a illustrated one’s
Go to a comfortable place and a blanket and lots of pillows and take your favorite book.
4# Put on your pyjamas
The best clothes you can wear when you feel down and you want to feel cozy.
5# Go to a cute cafe
I love discovering cute places and cafes and get warm in there by the atmosphere. It’s comfortable.
6# Call a friend/family member
This is something that really helps although you don’t feel like talk. It’s good at all time, even if it’s just to listen to others.
7# Run or do some kind of exercise
It feels right when you do something healthy and you move because it generates endorphins (happiness hormone)
8# Sleep. A lot
I think my ancestor were marmots because I love sleeping (even though I don’t sleep well). When you actually sleep well the benefits can be absolutely incredible!
If you want to know how sleep better let me kno and I add a post with tricks about that!
9# Play with modeling clay
Okay you are going to think “wtf did she say?” but is so cool when you do whatever with that thing I mean, look at these pictures:
Dumb ways to die ♪♪ (Don’t show it to your kids) ⇒ VIDEO
10# Make a happy music playlist ♪♪♪♪♪♪♪♪♪♪♪♪
It is proved that music can affect to your mood and that’s why a happy music playlist might help you to be better.
I’ll add some happy music playlist!
11# Paint with your hands!
All right, again you’ll think that this is for kids but it’s so funny! Take acrylics and do anything. Touching and experiments with colors can be so inspiring, believe me.
12# Prepare a great breakfast or meal
I don’t know what you eat but pancakes are always a good option. Depend on your tastes but, in my case, I use to eat something with chocolate (stimulate endorphins too) and it’s delicious!


13# Watch kitty and puppy videos
I think I don’t have to explain how cute they are. When I feel sad immediately after I watch puppies and kitties videos and at least they bring me a smile.
Here are some from Youtube:
Video 1: Play
Video 2: Play
Video 3: Play
Video 4: Play
14# Take a massage
It’s something that I really love because I get so relaxed. I’ll forever recommend it.
15# Go to a museum or and art exposition
I always find interesting look for new art and artist. Can you imagine people out here with such an incredible imagination and creativity? The trick is search for free entrance places;)
16# DRINK TEA OF COURSE (+benefits)
I’m a tea lover.
Here are some benefits
17# There something you’ve always want? Buy it, consider it a whim
I’m sure you are thinking about that thing you want since the first time you saw it. Get it. If it’s too expensive and you don’t have money you may earn some and wait.
18# ADOPT an animal
Any animal can be your best friend. They are made of love and they notice when you are sad. Adopt them.
19# Go to the library and take a look
Waste the entire day on a book shop or a library. Gossip books, smell them and touch them. Go to another world. Imagine scenarios and forget everything around you. Be with yourself sometimes is good.
20# Solve a puzzle
This depend very much on the type of person you are but for me making a puzzle relax me because I’m concentrated and focused on what I’m doing.
21# Buy beautiful flowers or plant them
My psychologist says that flowers make her happy because they are beautiful to see. And it’s true! Go to a florist and buy the most wonderful ones!
22# Enjoy the nature
Go outside. Every placed surrounded by trees, plants, flowers or grass it’s awesome. Being in touch with nature is calming (although you don’t like insects)
23# Donate/give something (bought/DIY)
It is scientifically proved that donate or give something make you feel altruist and makes you feel better with yourself.
On FreeRice.com you can donate rice to 3rd world countries by simply answering questions and playing games!
24# Re-decorate
Especially your place of comfort, the place you are in most of the time. Make it yours. Give it personality. You can post posters, photographs, relevant quotes, drawings, whatever! And of course candles (if they are aromatic candles better)
You can buy them here
Or you can DIY
25# Cook cookies or a cake
Cooking it’s always entertaining and if it’s something sweet… 😛
Here are some of my favorites recipies
26# Have a picnic
You can go with someone or even of your own! You eat and you enjoy the nature (remember that it’s so good to do it)
I will do a post about “how to do the perfect picnic”
27# Eat an ice-cream
I am a totally ice cream person (and it’s another food that activate some parts of your brain associated with pleasure and happiness!)
28# Watch a Disney movie
I’m a truly fan of Disney movies. Watching them it’s pleasant and makes me happy.
On Cornel1801.com/Disney/movies.html you can watch every single old Disney movie for free!

If you have more ideas that make you feel happy or better please tell me!



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